by gogogreta


When I hear the phrase “ebb&flow” I think of the ocean, that power of the tide rushing in. It could knock you off your feet as it comes in and leave you chasing after it for more when it leaves. Hours could be spent watching the tide chasing and tickling the sand, and you feel a part of something bigger than yourself as you follow the dance.

This is how I felt when I stumbled upon yoga, truly stumbled. I had spent years practicing dance and yet I knew that my balance was always my weakness. I could move and turn as much as I pleased, but when it came to sitting still, I would briefly pause and move on before it became clear I had fallen. The first thing I learned that made me love yoga, was that you do not have to be entirely still to balance. There is always a movement, an active transition, an “ebb&flow” if you will to maintain a static motion. You feel your calf muscle twitch as you stand on one foot, it is actively moving to maintain a stillness. And that unlike dance, you will fall, and that’s entirely ok. That’s all part of the learning process that never ends, for any of us.

I wanted to be a part of that, I wanted to teach and meet others that were scared to try it because of preconceived notions of what yoga is.  I wanted to create a class that challenged others, and that yoga does not necessarily mean standing still or amazing flexibility.  I wanted yoga to be seen as something that could be done everyday by anyone, not as chore, but as a meditation that brought you back to the feet beneath you. It is about recognizing where you are and connecting with that person and accepting yourself as you are, even and especially those days when you fall.