Go with the Flow

by gogogreta


Flow 1: 

Downward Dog

Inhale R leg up- bend your knee-opens the hip

Look up flex your foot- R leg to your R thumb-back foot flat

Inhale warrior 1-look up

Exhale warrior2

Look at right palm-R palm up

Inhale over into Reverse warrior-back arm slides down the leg

Glide back to warrior 2

Turn to the back wall, elbow meets the knee

Inhale L arm straight up-look up

R hand meets ground on the outside of the foot

Upper arm to ear-palm facing the ground

Look down-L arm down

Raise onto back toes

Inhale R arm up-look up

Wrap-pull shoulders square to the side wall

Look down

R hand on the inside of R foot

Walk your hands forward-elbows down-lizard

Head down- you may drop the left knee and point toe-breathe

Back knee up-back foot flat

Inhale L arm up-look up

Wrap or bind

Shoulders parallel to side wall

Come into lunge-heel pops up-chest up-Hands at heart center

L elbow meets R thigh

elbows one line-stay here or inhale R arm up-L arm extends to the floor

Wrap or Bind

Look down drop hands to floor-R foot back

High to low

Exhale body down

Inhale up dog

Exhale downward facing dog

L leg straight up bend the knee open the hip….

(Repeat on the other side)

Flow 2: 

Inhale R leg up point the toe

Look up at R thumb-step it through to R thumb-back foot flat

Inhale warrior1

Exhale glide into warrior2

Look at R knee-Turn you toes in and turn to the side of the room

Feet parallel

Stretch arms out-shoulders down-chin up

Exhale swan dive

Grab your heels-elbows bend

Eyes on floor-inhale pull-exhale pull

legs straight, open your feet more, eventually your head will touch the floor, pull and pull

inhale arms out to a T

Come all the way up

Exhale warrior 2

Look at floor-hands to floor

High push up

R hand beneath you-stack the legs

Inhale upper arm to ear

maybe lifting the top leg-toe pointed

Hold it

Look down hands down high plank

Hold here or 5 military push ups


To your flow exhale lower

Inhale up dog

exhale down dog

(Repeat on L side) L leg up, point the toe

Flow 3: 

Meet in Downward dog

Inhale R leg up point the toe-bend the knee-open the hip

Look up flex the foot- R foot forward to R thumb-back foot flat

Inhale warrior 1 look up

Exhale glide into warrior 2

Eyes on R knee-R leg straight

Exhale into triangle

Stretch up-stretch forward R arm comes down meet floor or ankle -L arm goes high

Look up reach up

Exhale wrap

shoulders parallel to side wall

Look down-hands to the mat- step back foot forward to make a small teepee

R arm up look up-wrap

Look down-arms fly back into airplane

Body weight forward-L leg up point the toe

Hands at heart center

Half moon-R  hand down-L arm up

Rotate you are between 2 walls- flex L foot

Airplane arms up palms down

Hands at heart

Twisting half moon

L arm down R arm up

Point the toes

Look down hands to mat legs back

High to low

Exhale body down

Inhale up dog

Exhale downward facing dog

Inhale L leg  up point the toe-bend your knee-open the hip…

(Repeat on L side)

Flow 4:

R leg up point the toe

Look up

R knee come to R wrist for pigeon

L knee down-point back toe-R foot in line with L knee

Inhale head up-slide L leg back-look at the mirror hips square

Hands push into floor chest up

Exhale look in the mirror

Lifft back leg and stack your legs over the front-or sit with ankles crossed

Inhale arms up

Exhale body forward-walk fingers head down relaxed

Head up-cross ankles

Hug your knees into chest

Arms in front of you Roll over feet-palms to mat as you jump or step into high push up

Hold bring your body forward on your tippy toes

Exhale body down

Inhale up dog

Exhale down dog

Inhale L leg up point the toe… (Repeat on L side)

Exit flows with inhale half lift

exhale forward fold

Inhale rise up

Exhale hands at heart center for tree prep