Yoga Transformation

by gogogreta

A beautiful story to inspire all. Arthur changed his life through yoga and by never giving up.

What is your yoga challenge?

Do you find yourself feeling like you need to look or act a certain way?

Do you feel as though there is not enough time in the day to practice?

Do you spend too many hours thinking “I should be doing” then you do doing?

We all face these challenges. It is important to be aware of our inner voice, but not let it guide our emotions and our actions. Recognize that the inward monologue is not nearly as important as the world around you and the 2 feet beneath you. You can choose to step out of your fears and do. You do not have to hide in your “I shouldn’t or I should’ve or shoulds.”

Walk out of your history today and if you feel like doing yoga in the park or smiling at a stranger because it just feels right-then by-golly do it! Don’t let your fears  become you.