Daily Minimum-Introduction to Ashtanga

by gogogreta

At first glance at Sun Salutation A and B I thought, in comparison to Bikyasa- it will be easy! No memorizing multiple sequences. I was surprised by the work your body and brain had to put into the movements. My first chaturanga closely resembled a face plant.

(When I practiced later at home, it had improved but my dog still ran over and licked my face to make sure I was ok.)


It’s definitely going to be a transition for me, going from Bikyasa to Vinyasa, but so far I love it. I like the freedom, the with music and body movement and I can play too. I like the option of being able to do the action with the class versus giving verbal cues. I do think that having that skill so necessary for Bikyasa, is beneficial for teaching Vinyasa.

I’m excited to play with the different flows we’ve learned and creating something fun to practice 😀