My first yoga class…ever

by gogogreta

It was so fun! What a wonderful group of students Megan and I had. Several of them were brand new and they were oh-so-patient with us. I apologize for my little verbal farts (“put your wrist to your elbow…?”)

Other than that I would’ve focused more on making the transitions smooth. There were some technical difficulties with the iPod but those were very minor. Remembering how to get into savasana and seated position for a water break seems minor, but that really makes a big difference. Other than that, the flows were so much fun! Thank you to my classmates who were my rockstar models, I was able to watch them and give good verbal cues as to left and right hands and legs.

Each class you’ll make little mistakes and learn from them. Here are my number one tips for new teachers….

1. Make your playlist longer than expected (have a back up opening and sun salutation just in case!

2. Learn the transitions, love the transitions, know the transitions, trust me.

3. Relax and talk to your students, don’t just stare at them as they walk in, it’s good to be familiar with your voice.

4. Make sure technology works and that you are all comfortable with how it works.

5. Don’t stress, have fun, laugh and make fun of yourself if you can.

6. It is hot in there! Be prepared.

7. Don’t keep saying, “The hard part is over.” I did, it’s a nervous tick, you lose trust and will receive many-a-groans hehe

Relax. You’ll do great. just step up and do it 😀