5 Magic Steps for a Yoga Sequence

by gogogreta


1.  Centering

Bringing the practice inward in the room and in the body-towards the heart. Ex: teacher in the middle of the room, hands at heart center, jumping to the middle of the mat.

2. Sun Salutation

This is found in vinyasa and bikyasa, it is a warm up for the body and establishes the poses necessary for the rest of practice.

3. Standing

These poses focus on balance on one and two legs. They are held in vinyasa flow for an additional amount of work.

4. Group on the floor in all directions

In Bikyasa during floor work, we are conscious to counteract the stretch if we perform a camel by following it with camel. During final wind release we are sure to hold the knee out to the left and right side of the body after bridge and plow to be sure it is stretched in all directions.  (This could also be a form of encouraging centering-by stretching outwards from the center.)

5. Savasana 

So essential to have savasana! After all of that hard work, it is helpful to let your body digest what it has done and to spend time meditating what you have learned from your practice and how you will use that information to better your practice in the future.