Vinyasa Sequencing

by gogogreta

Hello :] for all who were unable to make it to this weekends class here are some snapshots at what we worked on. We practiced inversions and created our own Vinyasa sequence for fun. Don talked about the importance of Self practice, to help us remember and test what feels right in the body.

Outline of a Vinyasa Class

Sun Salutations (5a:5b) 15 minutes

Flow and standing

Cool down (seated)-last 15 minutes


Cue the breath: Inhale fill the balloon exhale deflate

-Use the wall to practice hip rotation in warrior 1 and 2 (back foot flush with the wall.

warrior 1=closed

warrior 2=open

Key phrases: “Toes forward-knees follow toes” this helps keep knees from collapsing in. Another good one-“knees point to the pinky toe”

Set yourself according to the classroom you are in. Are there windows, maybe set up in different ways to keep it fresh.

Inversions to try: headstands, scorpion and maybe handstands