by gogogreta


The most interesting aspect of meridian energy I found was how consistent Chinese Medicine is with ailments that we experience ourselves all the time. Western medicine is focused on disease, and many times there is no direct answer for why there is something wrong-if there is no medical test to prove it.

Chinese Medicine is an accumulation of knowledge that can track down a system or multiple body systems that are unbalanced and prescribe behaviors, foods and herbs to alter this. When we mentioned kidney energy and how excess could lead to the urge to urinate, could be an issue with courage and willpower I could see how this would also apply to Western Medicine and proves correct, just in different words.

In anatomy class we conducted a lab which included drinking 16 oz of water, salt water and coffee per half hour. I was assigned the coffee and we looked at the amount of urine and the concentration of salts in the urine.

I would’ve been the most dehydrated by the end because the caffeine inhibits our ability to create diluted urine to conserve salts. I excreted a large amount of urine, but the solute value remained relatively low. I was very thirsty, dizzy and hyper by the end of class and after going twice every hour, on the hour I still felt thirsty and like I had to go again! Kidney energy and caffeine is powerful stuff.