by gogogreta


Kumare was very amusing, in a very subtle way. I enjoyed that he was not trying to hurt anyone’s feelings. He did not point out flaws or benefits of following a guru and changing their lives so drastically. He allowed that to be up for interpretation, and the entire time he told his followers, “I’m an illusion, you are the real guru, do not believe the eye.”

His outfits, contagious laughter and outrageous behavior were spot-on. You started to see the change in him, he seemed melancholy at the start, but the more he pretended to be Kumare, the more happy and easy-going he became. His job was to be happy all the time, if that were everyone’s job-boy would the world be another place.

It’s fun to toy with the idea that maybe we would all be happy if we let ourselves believe that we are doing and we are-exactly where we want to be. No one likes to be at work 5 minutes to close, but if we convince ourselves that it’s fun and we wouldn’t rather be anywhere else-maybe we can fool ourselves (and those around us) that we are having fun-and we wouldn’t want to be anywhere else. You would definitely make their night more fun too, no one wants to be with someone who’s somewhere else (they don’t care a lick about you!)

So that’s what I got from Kumare, don’t pretend to be someone you’re not. But don’t sell yourself short and always wish you were somewhere else. Be happy and be present and be happy with the world around you, you decide how to treat the day and others.