by gogogreta

I was sick last week and had a tough time getting it all back together. I was tired, and nothing much appealed to me but sleep and no food was very tantalizing without taste buds except for the crunch of rice cakes. It took a few days for me to get over my Flu2013 stoop but I’m glad I’m out!

For anyone in a rut this is a great writing exercise that I found to be very beneficial.

“It’s time you started living accordingly.
We think failure is forever. Wrong.
We think embarrassment can’t be recovered from. We think losing is the end of the world. Reprogram yourself.
You can cover up a bad tattoo. You can heal a broken bone. You can get into another relationship. You can move to a new city. Nothing is forever. You can recover from anything. No mistake is forever and most are easier to recover from than you think they are. Do this now. Below, write down the first act you will take as your new self – the one that cannot die and for which failure is insignificant. Have it be something you are seriously afraid of. Something that makes your heart beat fast. Then, after you’ve written it down, do it.”

– by Julien Smith. You can read the whole blog post here.