Ebb & Flow

Month: December, 2013

Yoga bags




Hey peeps 🙂 here’s my first yoga mat bag.

Sewing itself is a practice of patience, I appreciate clothes, bags and shoes (the skill to make shoes!) So much more



Teaching Marathon

After my first experienced I was a little worried to step out again. I did not have a bad experience at all! However I was so conscious of the students (all 30 of them!) I was worried that by not helping each person understand it, I had not given them the complete class as it should be. This is of course negative to hold myself to such high standards, but it is good to recognize that I really do care about each person in that room. I want to make sure they enjoy their yoga experience and come back and fall in love with it!

I have a little voice, just like my mother, we are blessed and cursed. We are little people, many mistake us for 3/4 of our age but we still have an honest and brave disposition, we like to help others and we will tell the truth to a T. We have little voices, we have the tendency to get stepped on sometimes because we look sweet, but we will stand up for ourselves and others, even if it is just a squeak of protest :]

Starting out at a small studio with my own routine was just what I needed. I loved it there, it became my home, my little place where I had control of the room and I was able to forget the script and let the movements I had practiced and the ones from class that I really loved and had remembered from our training. Forgetting about memorizing the entire script allowed me to connect and adjust the students and help them grow. I love adjustments! They are what brought me to where I am today, they made me feel like my teacher was my friend, to this day I still stay connected to my college yoga teacher. She’s so down to earth and she always asked me at the beginning of class what my favorite pose of the week was (she knew it always changed based on how we feel.)

So yes! I am in love with teaching, I love making a comfortable small studio a space where it is not just people moving about, it’s growing, learning, moving with intention of learning something new every day from myself and the students. I am studying up for my next classes already, building playlists that are new, fresh and lighthearted and looking up postures for the requested hip and shoulder openers. Oh what fun 😀 This is truly the life.

Stay happy, stay warm, stay healthy!



You are beautiful.

You are interesting.

You are you.

Don’t let society define what is and isn’t beautiful.

Don’t let yourself be brainwashed and judge yourself or others