Nifty Tips

“Lifehacks are up there with bikes for my favorite human inventions in this world. I added a few tips and tricks that I love to save time, money, space and headaches. “

1. Make your makeup box into a magnetic board.


2. Toss your shampoo & make your own!

(My version of the no-poo movement)

I get really dry hair during the winter. And this recipe-it just works. My hair is so much easier to manage, it’s soft and there are no flakes or dryness in sight. This shampoo is gentle enough to use everyday. Eventually you’ll stop needing conditioner all together, your hair will be so soft! You may go through a greasy transition period, but believe me-it’s worth it.


2 Tbsp apple cider vinegar

2 cups water

4 drops peppermint oil

2 drops tea tree oil


3. Start packing a lunch.

If you go out to eat 5x a week spending $5 a meal (and that is just one meal and I would say finding a decent meal for $5 is darn-near-impossible) just with that daily savings you would have $1300 dollars more in your pocket…..So be a weirdy like me, pack a lunch, play with it. It doesn’t have to be crazy. Just remember to pack a fruit or veggie, protein source, fat source and carbohydrate with fiber.

-Egg & tomato sammy with an orange

-Peanut butter and banana sammy with carrots and an apple

-Lentil soup, brown rice and a banana

-Leftovers from last night’s supper and fruit salad


just throw it in a tiffin